Op-Ed/Case Study

Facebook HPV vaccine campaign: insights from Brazil

August 2, 2020

This is the first study to investigate how the HPV vaccination campaign is portrayed on the Facebook page of the Brazilian Ministry of Health and to interpret the user-generated comments, shares and reactions of the population related to the content between January and July 2018. Based on factors influencing user activity and user engagement, the posts were classified according to type of content format, length, time of day, day of the week, frequency of posting, target audience, and categories of main subjects. Four categories were created based on a manual assessment of the main topics posted by the Ministry of Health: (i) vaccine dosage; (ii) vaccine-guaranteed protection: (iii) vaccination target audience; and (iv) just a call for the new HPV vaccination campaign. The metrics for each post according to number of reactions, comments, and shares were also analyzed. The comments generated by each post were analyzed regarding the sentiment polarity and the main type of emotion. Beyond the need to constantly review new HPV vaccination campaigns, recommendations include investigating how to integrate many types of social media and traditional media to increase awareness and promote HPV vaccination. The likelihood of success is substantially increased by the application of multiple interventions.