ImmUNITY Chicago – An Innovative Partnership in Digital and Traditional Vaccine Outreach (Vax Up: Episode 4)

April 7, 2022

In this episode, we meet ImmUNITY Chicago, a public-private partnership that promotes vaccine confidence in communities of color in Chicago by combining the social media communications expertise of the private sector, proven advocacy from a national vaccine-confidence non-profit, and grassroots community outreach. Join a fascinating and lively conversation as we explore the amazing reach and impact the partnership has had—it’s a helpful discussion for vaccine implementers working with other communities in the US and beyond.


  • Elyse Galloway, Vice President of Health, Edelman
  • Erica DeWald, Director of Strategic Communications and Partnerships, Vaccinate Your Family
  • Ava Skolnik, Associate Director, Health Equity Programs and Partnerships, Merck
  • Kristen Hobbs, Senior Project Manager for Quality Improvement and Equity, National Minority Quality Forum