Program and Policy Briefs

Increasing Willingness to Vaccinate in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights Report

August 4, 2022

This Insights Report from Johnson &Johnson shares the background on their research, research about increasing willingness to vaccinate and lessons learned about what does not work to increase willingness to vaccinate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the research shows that the messengers are just as important as the message itself as the research finds that government officials are not credible or persuasive sources of information when it comes to vaccines, nor are celebrities. The report also groups individuals based on their vaccine readiness into the following segments and suggests approaches for each segment: confident enthusiasts, enthusiastic pragmatists, vaccine ambivalents, vaccine skeptics and COVID cynics. The report suggests that it is possible to address low vaccine acceptance as long as individuals’ unique barriers and concerns are acknowledged, those concerns are addressed in a way that speaks to their values and makes the message personal to them, and trusted figures deliver the messages.