Vaccine Chatbots: The role of AI in driving demand

This Insights Dialogue event on March 24 explored how chatbots and artificial intelligence have contributed to the global fight against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

This session highlighted three chatbots that provide equitable, tailored and accessible information in targeted communities to drive vaccine acceptance and demand. Participants learned about best practices for engaging with communities using artificial intelligence and discover how chatbots can impact vaccine attitudes and intentions.

Download the presentation (PDF)


Preetika Sharma

Research Associate, Post Graduate Institute for Medical Research (India)
Preetika Sharma is pictured here.

Dr. Joseph Wu

Lead Scientist, Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (Hong Kong)
Dr. Joseph Wu is pictured here.

Rose Weeks, MPH

Director of Communications, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center (United States)
Rose Weeks is pictured here.

Nqobizitha Ndlovu (Moderator)

Regional Director, Adaptive Change Advisors (South Africa)