Shujaaz Inc. Reaches Young East Africans Through Social and Digital Media (Vax Up: Episode 5)

In this episode, we journey to Kenya and Tanzania to meet the Nairobi-based Shujaaz network. Shujaaz successfully combines relatable online and on-ground campaigns (e.g., micro-influencers, comic books, meetups) to reach (and effect behavior change among) a large percentage of the 18–24 year-olds in Kenya and Tanzania. A grantee of the Vaccine Confidence Fund, the Shujaaz team worked with Bay Area Global Health Alliance member Upswell to evaluate and leverage their multimedia efforts—and the results are impressive.


Bridget Deacon, Managing Director, Shujaaz Inc.

Farida Nzilani, Digital Manager, Shujaaz Inc.

Drew Bernard, Founding Partner, Upswell

Green Sadru, Technical Adviser, Jhpeigo & Sabin Boost Community